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Fast power with 
official MagSafe technology.

Get an effortless, fast wireless charging experience for your 
iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 series device.

how you charge.

An architecturally inspired 3-in-1 charging solution with magnetic 
connection for any iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 series device.

Charge in any orientation.

Scroll through chats in portrait and flip to landscape to stream video 
while you charge.
Safety Protection

Safety protection feature

The Safety Protection feature on the iPhone wireless charger is impressive. It ensures your device charges safely by dynamically adjusting power, preventing overheating, and offering surge protection. It's a must-have for anyone prioritizing their iPhone's safety during charging.
Wide Compatibility

Wide Compatibility

The Wide Compatibility feature of the iPhone wireless charger ensures it works with various smartphones and Qi-enabled devices, simplifying your charging needs. From iPhones to Samsung Galaxies and Google Pixels, this charger offers convenient wireless charging for a wide range of devices, making it an essential accessory for any tech enthusiast.
Easy To Carry

Feature Easy To Carry

The Easy To Carry feature of the iPhone wireless charger makes it incredibly convenient for users on the move. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability, fitting into pockets or bags effortlessly. Despite its small size, it delivers efficient wireless charging wherever you are, ensuring your iPhone stays powered up without adding any extra bulk to your daily carry.


Fast↑ Wireless 
MagSafe Compatible Charging

Charge Wireless - Reduce Cable Clutter

3 Devices

Apple iPhone 
Watch, & AirPods

Charge Everything in One Place
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At a Glance

What's in the Box


  • Fast wireless charge for your iPhone 15/14/13 series, Apple Watch, and AirPods 
  • Fast Charging for Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 7, and Apple Watch Ultra 
  • Seamless charging experience in any orientation with MagSafe 
  • Compatible with official MagSafe cases 
  • Compatible with iPhone and ready for StandBy 
  • LED light indicates proper and safe charging 
  • BoostCharge Pro MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand with MagSafe 
  • AC Adapter
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen
  • Apple AirPods 2nd gen
  • Apple Watch Series 1 - Ultra
  • Iphone Series 12 - 12 Pro Max
  • Iphone Series 13 - 13 Pro Max
  • Iphone Series 14 - 14 Pro Max
  • Iphone Series 15 - 15 Pro Max

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Love from our customer...

Exactly what I needed

Awesome and great working charger blows my mind just wish the magnets were stronger because sometimes it’s hard to get my phone to stay on


Charger dock perfect

The perfect charger dock seamlessly combines efficiency, reliability, and sleek design, ensuring optimal charging for all your devices


Convenient product

The convenient charger offers versatile port options, a sleek design ideal for portability, and intelligent functionality, streamlining your charging experience.


Redefining the way you charge

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